So I have some news.good ones and bad news.what do u want first?okay.lets start with good news...

p.p.f.s.-poppy passed financial strategy. YES! I KNOW.I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER!
p.p.p.s-poppy passed performance strategy.huge thanks go to my lecturer.
And bad news is

p.f.e.s-poppy failed enterprise strategy. :-(
i'm not happy,but I'm not sad either.adu gaane 2k goda ne!duka daz ekka top CIMA class yanna bari ekata.she's passed!congratz machan. :-) i knew u could do it !

So...I have to repeat this in next may...aparaade.

And did I tell u guys I got a job?it's a 2months contract actually. :-D great for the experience...
Mmm so as daz promised she's going to buy me ice creams!yepee!roots ekenda,ice cream carnival adan yanawada kiyala thawama hithuwe na... ;-)
so one knows..what about ur results?got through this time?


රංග - මගේ ලෝකය said...

Gratz for the passed exams, and better luck next time for ES.

poppy said...

Thank u thank u! :-D

dazzled said...

mann do you realise that it is actually over??? that the last time for certain things passed without much thought????

poppy said...

it's over for u...not for me dala........& I don't think "those things" will ever pass away.... ;)

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