It was a bright day.but gloomy for me

'we didn't feel 6months passing,time flew....there were interesting students and INTERESTING CHARACTORS!!Please do continue what you're doing!!' ha ha! it's not was Mr.sweet who said here I am...Hehe.I really think that was addressed to charactors we are.hee hee.

on my way to the class I nearly drowned in my own sweat.yesterday I heard it's flooded in colombo and thought I might end up drowning in a flood today and told my mother to give my dead body to the medical collage if I die,from which my mom thought my madness has worsened further...hehe.

now i'm in the bus.with dazzled.i'm hungry again...and I feel my stomach is burning....hunger and from something which has nothing to do with was our final day with Mr.sweet.I sent him a chit saying good bye,and he thanked for it :( bye bye Mr.Sweet!!hug.i'm gonna miss you a lot...but surely,not gonna appear in your class even I fail this session!!

right now the bus conductor was bewildered by our gave him 106 rupees.bus fare for both of us is 56.but as the change he gave 70 in return.50 and a 20 note.for about a minute we discussed what to do.denawada nadda?denawada nadda....?20 kiyanne podi gaanakda!! hehe.then we pinched him when he's passing by.
'***** ta keeyada?'
'wisi atai (28 each)'
I gave that 20 note back.saying
'ekasiya hayak dunne'
confused,he took the note back pulled another 50 rupee note from his money in both could've go from only 6rupees if we took that.but we said.
'na na oka thiyaganna.apita 50k dunna'
Looking at us like it's us who're mad he left.

now my head is aching.must stop.byeeee.gud nyt dear Blog and dear Blog readers


හිඟන්නා said...

nice writing !!! poor conductor ~ :P

Welcome to Boredom said...

that was one good deed you did. dont mind me just hopping blogs coz Im bored.


man hithanne oya pin athe wadaka kalama wenna athi

Ansh Lucky Sri Jay said...

LOL..! :D
good post..
U had to take it ane, u know what they always do..
'Ah, no change, ask 50 when u get off'..
after that I also forget and they don't even return my balance.

Kandulu Binduwa said...

hehe OMG its a nyc work..btw its a great punishment..ya dey dont return the balance most of the time

poppy said...

hehe.thanks everybody.Ow appa pin athe wadak kalaamai.hehe.I don't mind hopping in to Blogs...:) this's an open diary...hop around as you wish... yeah...again i'm in the bus...this time I brought an axe oil.maru.even dazzled wanted some seeing i'm using it.for her potential headache!!

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