Tips of the week...I mean

Based on my own experiences!
1-don't brush bathroom floor while might not notice,but your mouth would open at a very unlucky moment and ... Well... You know the rest... Lysol has a very unpleasnt taste.yuck.

2-don't put your half opened bags in bus's rack.when you're grabbing it back,things could fall.
for an example-your body cream,baby oil,water bottle,clogne,a tooth brush forgotten in it...etc.

3-don't eat pizzas for dinner and'll keep you awake whole night.ugh.

4-don't smile with yourself,i mean people usually smile when they remembered something funny nah?if you're in a bus,then don't!!surely a guy's gonna ask your number right after! If you want that to happen,then do smile! :-D i guess they think it's kind of cute...

5-don't make chocolate cakes if you have a greedy,selfish brother.specially if he doesn't give a damn about his personal health!you won't even get a chance to lick off the icing which was stuck in the tray ,after the day you made it! It's gone...

6-don't ever wear yellow.that color sux.wear blue...brown...purple...gray...white....

7-if you want to spread your thoughts,ideas faster than blogging,if need somewhere to use your creativity more effectively,start writing a fanfiction.only 3 chapters yet and i got more than 70 user who'd added it to their alerts!cool.

8-no matter how often you get scolded by your mother,or father,help them when they need it.for an example,wash dishes,pots & pans after don't know when they'll die...days left to be with them:-)

9-grow roses! You won't believe how fast those grow! Within a month every bush start producing blossems like crazy!wow.

10-if you're too exhausted to do anything other than lay paralized on your bed and blogging,threw away your phone and just sleep.cos you don't exactly have a clear idea what's your saying...shut up and sleep!

Good night...bye...


Shenya de Silva said...

LOL! So true!
Though I really can't help it when I remember something funny but smile.hehe
And you can add "Don't laugh while reading mails and chatting because your mother is going to think you've gone rock crazy and you are laughing with the monitor" lol

5.) Not only chocolate cake! A 5 liter Chocolate Ice cream can is going to vanish within two days too!

6.) And never where yellow with green!

7.) Is that the book you are going to publish? :O

9.) Now that is one thing I've gotta try!

:D G'night to you too
take care!

dazzled said...

hehe... some one is blabbing! go sleep. you need a blog bugger too

poppy said...

@ Shenya- Yep.u know,I had a web cam several months ago(actually almost years.. ago)and one day I had a chat with my ex BF.that was the only time I used it,and my mom scared me to death,I was giggling at the monitor and gesturing him to shut she came in to the room and I barely closed the window.when she peeped in to the monitor,there were just some mails.god saved me.but she gave me a very nasty

ask dazzled about ice creams & brothers.hehe.she got the same problem!

and no...fanfiction is not the one I'm gonna publish..I'm translating two books...grow roses....yep.u're gonna love it

@daz-yep.I need a beta.hehe

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