In the hour of darkness...
moon made a crown on trees
Nothing,but the sound of falling leaves...
Aragorn,son of Arathorn
walking on the land of old forgotten beings
wisdom in his brows,elendil's heir...
Greatest of the kings...

He sang a forgotten tale
lost in the middle age
Luthien..Luthien..fairest of all maidens
His thoughts were lost in an everlasting dream...

Arwen,daughter of Elrond
bitter was their fate..
Elven princess,her father's jewel
stars shone on her brows..
her feet were light
Shining in her bright dress white
Evenstar they called her...
Lovely as a bride

'Tinuviel! Tinuviel!'
He chased her
behold!she was not Luthien...
but they shared a same fate

He saw deep in her eyes
Ages of wisdom
sorrows in her soul...
One mortal man,one everlasting flower
They walked hand in hand...

There he lies in the land of Gondor
Her mound lies in Lorien..
thus their souls dwell..
In the woods they first met...
singing as they walk
Until a gray ship comes
to bear them far away...

Gray Havens
where trees are golden,immortal dwells
There they will born again
until the world ends

Their story will never end.....

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