unlucky me!!

today I realised my destany is to be the finance manager of BOC!!yeah.....not just a banking assistant! hehe.cos I didn't get the job.well....M got the letter.and I didn't.so mom called a relation who's working there and found out i'm not in the list!!hmmm.so i'm free to call myself the unlucky girl again!!

I'm not jealous of M.i'm not that kinda girl.i'm really happy she got it.cos she's much older than me.and the only child...her bro died two years ago...I can imagine how happy she feels right now.she couldn't even talk properly when she called me yesterday.too excited!hehe.

'Pollyana'thinking helped me a lot today.that's a book everyone must read...Eleanor H Porter's Pollyana...the girl who wanted a doll for christmas,but got a pair of crutches from the church.yet she found a way to be happy..though she didn't get the doll,she could still be happy cos she doesn't need that crutches...

Now I think that way.though I didn't get the job,I'm happy cos now I have a whole FREE month to study!!well...mind you...that's not a happy thought at all...mmm...now I could enter law collage next year....that's better!!....hehe.
k then.mage Blog eka kiyawana siyalu denata karunawen danwana wagai..mage computer eke internet explorer wada nathi nisa phone eken type karami.comments daanawa nam mehema ma daanna honde?ehenam..dan welawa paswaru 7.03i.meke welawa watenne Kohomada kiyala thaama mata watahen na.mama dan me eliyata wela kaluwara,tharu wath nopaayapu ahasa yata indan...plastic putuwakata wela...maduruwo thala thala..aanum yawa yawa post karanawa..

ehenam....must start studying again...c ya...take care buddies...


නිශාචරයා Nishacharaya said...

U r a real crazy grl... :D Anyway I like the way that u r thinking... thats the way ppl should think if they need 2 hit their targets. So go ahead sis... Good luck...!!!

BTW I nvr read that book 'Pollyana', bt it feels like I knw the story, whn u telling abt crutches..


IE nathnam firefox, crome, safari, opera pawichchi karannako
dan ewa download karaganna widihakuth nadda?

Thejan said...

Good girl. Its very hard to control our mindset from hating someone if we loose something because of he or she. But no matter how hard to do that we should make full attempt not to hate that person.

By the way use Firefox or chrome. If you download qs-fox add-on you can view Sinhala too.


poppy said...

@ nishacharaya-I didn't get what you meant by that last sentence.crutches?thanks for ur wish.hug.

@ma -download karagannath widihak nathi eka ne awula.chrome thibba da manda....*thinking* aaye balanna one

@thejan-there were 4800 candidates for that job(selected from 160000+who faced the banking exam).they selected only 1200 from it.hehe.it's not like I lost the job because she got it...that's the destany.... :) why should I hate her?hehe.

dazzled said...

Ade.. Mihita awith da? Ela ela.. Meka mata qveth na ne.. Grr.. Api kawda itin ne.. E unata eyata kamati deyak karaganna kiala "aiya" wath mam parithyaaga karapu eke meka ta tibuna mata kianda.. Hmm hmm .. Btw that was xactly the way i felt when i missed that scholarship at apiit .. Hmm what to do sweets.. Life is ful of dissapointments bt those too occur for "greater good" now u have enuf time to beat that ann girl and "aunty" to a world price ! Hehe.. Every dark cloud has a silver line or something, they say .. Btw i got a dashing news today , that second o third cousin of mine (im nt sure of the xact relatnshp) informed me that i will only have to wait for 6 - 30 months to get that thng unlocked ! It Indeed confirmed me that proper way of doing thngs is never applicable to me.. Hmpf..

poppy said...

Mihi's too shy and too excited..thaama katawath kiyala na.hehe.she said she wanna tell you.call karanna one kiya kiya hitiye.uge sihiya tikak awul me tike.hehe.aththatama oya 'aiya' wa eyata dunna da??lol.can't I keep him?ha ha.

And I don't aim for a world price matto!!Grrr.just wanna pass those4 subjects.hehe.aunty can keep her price.it's you who must compete with her!! :)

HEY 6-30 months or 6-30 minutes?lol.that's really confusing!!

dazzled said...

6-30 months men! Faint. Btw "aiyawa"dunna kiwwata ehemama deela daannath hitha na .. Bt oya hama ekama gana hitha hitha idala baa appa.. Ekalaasayak wenda ona..hehe.. & mona price da ! Faint. Matat pass wenna tibboth hodatama ati.. Not more than a month left bt i still am unable to study .. Curse this illness ..

sam said...

i wish you good luck

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