poppy decided today that she's spending too much time on blogging & it's better to limit it.or else she's gonna waste 276pounds(M2 exam fees)on this May.

(poppy also deactivated her face book account 4months back just because of this reason,but then found an amusing hobby called blogging again)but poppy will log on monday,wednesdays,& fridays to update,& to reply comments done in sinhala,& to post in sinhala.& will post whenever she feels boring:)(yeah..when she's yawning in the bus on friday & sunday mornings,when she's at IL Sir's EM class,or when she's psd off studying FM,PM!)

but it'll be done using mobile.so don't be angry with me if I didn't reply to your comment.cos I can only see boxes instead sinhala words when I log in from my phone.please wait until I log in from my PC.:)keep in touch buddies



අපොයි පවුම් 272 ක් කියන්නේ කජු ඇටද? කොස් ඇටද?
(කොස් ඇට ලාබ උනාට කජු නම් ගනන් ටිකක්)
එහෙනම් විභාගෙට සුභ පැතුම්.

බිඟුවා...! said...


poppy said...

පවුම් අනේ.මහා බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය පවුම්:(ලෝබයි.කවද හරි එහෙටම ගිහින් ඕවා ආයෙ අය කරගෙනම තමා මං නං නතරවෙන්නෙ ඕං)

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