I'm melting

It's 10.25 a.m. again i'm sitting in a typical srilankan bus seat(to make things worse it's on the left side-on the face of sun) I took a bath half an hour back but now my hair's already dry!!gosh.I feel like i'm melting.few weeks ago I read a topic about wearing make up on rainy days.they've adviced not to wear eye liner unless you wanna have something like a black eye.I should've listened to that advice(thoug it's not raining now.)i'm having a sweat rain. I feel sweat run down on my head,to my forehead.down behind my ear, then down my neck.i'm melting!!! I wonder what will my lecturer think when he see me.today''finally! somebody has managed to teach that matti a lesson.I wanna send that person, whoever gave her that black eye flowers!!''lol.hmmm I bought a mahajana sampatha lottery ticket yesterday!if I win 10 million i'm going to switzerland for two moths!who wanna come with me?lol.


poppy said...

nobody?Ayyo.that's too bad.do I sound that crazy?my good friend dazzled comes anywhere I go.aren't you dazzled?hug.api yamu.hug.

dazzled said...

Takin me for granted eh?

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