poppy the witch!

my buddy D calls me witch now!cos I told him that I like witch type big rings!!hehe.but I feel bad last night I was so annoying,think made him frustrated.lol.poppy was so bored yesterday no,so she logged on skype,to have a chat with daz or D.dazzled wasn't there.but D caught in.hehe.I should change my surname-poppy chatterjee!!

So...surnames...you know,Mr.cute's torturing us with a renewed spirit those days.his attitude has changed.Grrr.he doesn't let student enter the lecture hall unless they've done their home work.so it's resulted in 3students calling me,yesterday night.asking me to read out my answer!!copy pasting.lol.as Mr.cute's making us feel like slaves,we thought of changing his surname too,to something like rajapain.....(royal pain in ass)......hehe.

You know even my friend's call me a witch sometimes.I like necklaces with beads,rings with big stones,colourful dresses,or just simple black dresses... one day,when we were in the institute's lunch room,dazzled looked at me as I walked away from our table-hey you look like a witch today!!-well there's a similar word to witch,starting from B ne,so everybody looked at me,wanted to see the *itch .lol. I nearly killed dazzled!!

today's my cousin sister and best friend( I have about5best friends!! ) ish's birthday.i'm planning to buy her a hand bag...

so...hoping Mr.cute won't try to make omlettes from our brains today.I'm stopping... and I wish D won't go offline as soon as he sees i'm online again.lol.

take care everybody.c ya

btw today's 19th of march.I can't change post options.when I put the correct time and date,the post can't be published.it goes to the scheduled posts!!


ගයාන් තාරක said...

it published soon :D
some times it also happened me too.
witch has several meanings. i think u mensioned about second one bellow
අතිශයින් අවලක්ෂණ මැහැල්ල,මායාකාරිය ,මායිනී ,මෝහිනී ,යක්දෙස්සී ,යකුන් බැඳගත් ස්ත්‍රී ,යෝගිනී ,වාසියෙරාව
i just checked in dictionary

c ya have a nice shopping

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Poppy, CIMA class gihin Pravinth ge raja***** criticize karana ekada karanne....hapoi...anyway, *ith kathawa nan sira....Did daz really shout out loud, "You look like a witch today...!"?no wonder why others staring at you wanting to see the *itch that they wanted to see.... lol!!

poppy said...

@ ගයාන්-මම යක් දෙස්සියක් මි.'''අතිශයින් අවලක්ෂණ මැහැල්ල'''??ඒ නාකි උනාම මම.

@kavindahewage-Pravinth ge raja***** criticize කරන එක විතරක් නෙමේ කරන්නෙ අපි.මේ ටිකේ එපා වෙනකන්,මරව මරව එයා අපි ලව්ව වැඩ කරවනව...hmmm....exam ලඟයි නෙ...& yeah...daz really shouted out.lol.crazy.


පොපීගේ දිනපොත නෙමෙයි එහෙනම් යස්සනීගේ දිනපොත කියල වෙනස් කරමු එහෙනම්

poppy said...

අන්න...ඒ නමත් නරක නෑ තමා.hehe

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