watched merlin today.3episodes in one day!!i'm gonna be in trouble when the ADSL bill comes!well i'm only allowed to use 1GB per month neh.but it's's my friend dazzled who told me about this funny,magical,romantic TV series.she's somehow managed to download it in to 3DVDs,& came to my place to have 'a great day' ,which actually turned out to be a's my PC-my cheap,sick,old junk of metal which ruined our day.we couldn't watch it.there was something wrong with that DVD,file format or the player in my PC & unable to play after having the lunch,I went to her place,had a creamy iced coffee,then came back home.but today wasn't that bad,cos I found merlin from youtube,then with my cousin sis I watch first three episodes!!it's really cool.really funny.I like that cute guy who plays merlin's role.and ofcourse,that handsome prince Aurther!just search youtube & watch one episode.dazzled told me that it's also broadcasting in ETV or something.we don't have a TV in our I don't know exactly:)enjoy !!gud nyt everybody.hugs.zzzzzzzzz

p.s.-pray for rain!!:) tc


dazzled said...

Merlin is mine ok.. U can take Aurther if u want ..

poppy said...

mmm.oki.well I like that 'royal ass'lol.sorry for the's merlin's words.not mine...'I told you're an ass,I just didn't realise you're a royal one!!' .haha.

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