hapoi matath wechcha deyak...!!

One can be a bit stupid.we all do stupid things nah...but I don't know how can one make such a silly,mad,stupid,gon,booru mistake......And...that 'One' is me...!!

poppy changed her surname neh.now it's poppy chatterjee.but that very same day I made a very..... fatal mistake.now,after reading this anyone's free to call me poppy + any surname that comes to your mind.

I was really sleepy & tired that day.Had to prepare an excel document,my bro's loan repayment details...so it was nearly midnight when I finished it.then saved it as -book3-,in my documents.then composed a new mail.attached that document...sent it to my bro,who's living in aus.

After one days,I saw a reply from my bro.I opened it.it said.

'heh heh
you sent the wrong attachment I guess - but the one attached looks impressive :D'

my godness!! I checked the sent items...what's so impressive....?????shit.SHIT!!!!then I found it.Grrr.do you know what was attached with that mail?lol. my blog backup!!!!

I felt my hands shaking,my body shivering,knees trembling...then I wanted to hide my head(filled with mati)some where....(like the ostrich above)lol.
you know why I've done such a mistake?that document was saved as 'book3',& the backup was 'blog 03....'or something similar.just after seeing the 'B' & '3' I've attached this.

So...my dear brother now knows about all my 'hora wada',katti paneem,horen film baleem,crushes.lol...& specially about my 'Ex'.I really really wish he won't be mad at me,just forgive me......hmmm...seems like my 'silly nonsense' type posts are over :(

dazzled says I've done a very brave thing.lol.but one thing she's posted in her blog is true.now I'm trying to avoid my brother in everyway I can!! I'm scared....worst thing is he didn't reply to my last e mail*crying*

oh brother!!!


Nishacharaya said...

Dnt wry poppy, He'll surely understand his little Witch.. lolz

ගයාන් තාරක said...

hehe brother never b a bother to you. but some time he will use it in future :D


joly good

poppy said...

hurrah...!!!aiya kiwwa me dan,through skype-onna mama araka dakketh na,mokuth danneth na,mata eka adaalath na;)- kiyala.elaa......sweet aiya.Love him...
@nishachara-meh... B word eka wenuwata ehema witch bhaawitha kireema thahanam!lol.I'm a pure witch!

@gayan-hee hee...no he won't.mama eyage nanga ne...i'm just like him...

@ ma-jolly thama.baya wela mama baageta malaa eda

dazzled said...

You konw tahts a trcik the brian plays. It recgonieses the word just as it sees the fisrt and last ltter!

poppy said...

shaa!! I read your comment.but 1st time didn't notice what you've done.twisted words!!what a brain trick.lol.when you show this to someone nobody notice the different.they just read it fast
-read this-

can you raed this fast,claerly and with a good speed?

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