boycott srilanka??it's ridiculous

do you know there is a site called ?it's totally a guy told us to check this site & a video they've uploaded in the youtube & I was really shocked after entering it.I don't think people maintaining that site have ever visited srilanka!!it says each time you buy a srilankan product,you support to kill a tamil.they say do not buy srilankan products,for the reasons they've said,in srilanka a tamil person must always carry identity cards or they'll arrested,over30000 civilians have killed in 2009 & srilankan army rapes tamil girls & so's really a piece of Shit.finally that damn war ended,after20 years of sufferings both parties had to bear n now the south north are cousin bro went to jaffna last week n he said people live there are extremely friendly n helpfull.for20 years we didn't have a chance to recognize eachother,to know eachothers' value.but now we are becoming more let it be.don't spread terrorism again.if you want to know the truth,come to srilanka & see it yourself.not only tamil people,but also we had to carry our identity cards wherever we go.but it was in the war period.they held one of my friends in a check point for hours cos she's forgotten her identity card.& my eldest brother was arrested & being held in the police for more than 12hours cos he took photos near a highly secured area.the rules are there.but not only for minority(as they say,but there isn't a minority anymore.only srilankans)& during the war time,only terrorists were killed,if you wanna blame someone,blame's the country who kills civilians.boycott srilanka is a racist site which support terrorism.disgusting

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