Tiger Wood

after logging off my yahoo mail I accidently came across link to a gossip site,full of celeb's affairs,breakups,& ofcourse,about Tiger Woods.the naughty boy.it was a 76pages story with photos,about woods n his 'harem girls'.wonder what made a person like him behave like that.is it only him,or all the men?I can't imagine what made him hook up with12 women,even half of them looks same,pretty blondes,big busts,fair skinned.why can't a man be satisfied with just one women?do others have different kind of organs?hmmm.& media really messes up his life.it's disgusting.1st rumor burst up in november & now the number of his mistresses has risen to12 & he's totally ruined.poor fellow.once he's said he believe in buddhism,well if he's really a buddhist he must know that some sins you do will have an impact on you in this very life time,it's called 'dhittadammawedaneeya karma'.guess he's not going to play golf again.what a waste!!

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dazzled said...

I guess all men are same ( a handful of exceptions may be there) they never miss a chance to well.. Experiment! What if the next women has something extraordinary than the one in front of u? "Well.. U never know until u try" thats their theory

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