Cheese sandwiches.yum.

yesterday my uncle,who works at hilton hotel colombo brought some delicious sandwiches.mmm.yummy,juicy,creamy, was bit cold when we got it.but we put it in the was mouth watering.I wish I could get the recipe.there were chicken,button mushrooms,ham,cream cheese,mustard,& parsly or something greenish.really rich.really tasty.I guess it's quite expensive too.but my uncle never tell me the price(in case if I choke the sandwich in my mouth)hehe.I'm planning to buy those ingrediants myself n try to make some.mmm.just by thinking about it i'm getting hungry.ok for the I go.byeeee


ගයාන් තාරක said...

mmmm yum yum.

poppy said...

mmmmm yum yum yum yum......මාර රසයි ඒ සැන්විච්!

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