I can't forget my two rabbit,though I was so angry with that5 dogs that night now I feel sorry for them,cos I know my father won't rest untill he kill one of them.but I neither love them,& never will.every moment I see my bunny's sweet pics & 'about myself' phrase in this blog I remember how they ran to me whenever they heard my footsteps.& how I cuddled them in my arms..how they ate carrots & 'kan kun' from my hand & hopped around like small fur balls.I dreamed about the day we put them outside,cos they could run or play as they wish,but....never thought it's gonna be their final day.we all thought it was strong enough.never thought those devils could tear that steel net from their teeth.un ballo neme yakku tikak!mata gedara sathutakata hitiye un2 witharai.un2th nathuwa giya.unlucky me...hmmm.....

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