Spider phobia

my memory about spider contains really dramatic stories.it started after I watched the movies-spiders.well I saw nightmares every night for a long time after watching it.dreadfull.imagining with there long legs, crawling on my body.their hairy gigant black body...most memorable day with spiders was the day I was trapped in the bathroom.it was my next door cousin sister's wedding day.I was in the bathroom (actually sitting in the toilet)when a spider slipped in to the room through the gap under the door.I don't know how I jumped,but within a second I was standing on the commode seat n screaming my lungs out.I couldn't get out cos the spider was on the door n nobody else could rescue me cos the door is locked.father had to fetch a long stick n he brought the ladder,opened the fanlight.using the stick he opened the door lock.then my brother chased out the spider.damn.I cried for hours.I don't know how to overcome this aracano phobia.hmmm poor spiders.I know they are harmless.but I just can't stand them.eeeya

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bingo said...

OMG!!!!i came across diz post only 2day!!!!bt siz i too hv e same phobia

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