i'm dreaming about rain..

It's 8.44.but only half of the lecture hall is full.students know about Mr.cute's behaviour after studying for one year with him.most probably he'll be here at 9.30.he's still dreaming...hmmm boring.today i'm lucky cos i'm in an AC room.poor mom & dad.they have to bear the heat,cursing the cloudless sky.yesterday was the worst day I saw in months.can't wear anything,it's too hot.I was wearing only a skinny & a short,but my whole body was soaked in sweat.our front yard is usually covered with grass,soft sweet smelling grass on which I really loved to walk with bare foot.now it looks like a burned hay sack.clouds of dust arise anywhere you put your step on.some Blogs I follow now post about snow & cold wind & lovely scenes.I feel jealous.it's all brown & gray here.just like my thoughts...just like my feelings...so i'm dreaming about rain



කවදා වෙනකම් මේ පෑවිල්ල තියෙයිද මන්දා. යන්තම් උදේට විතරයි පොඩ්ඩක් සීතල අනික් හැම වෙලේම පුදුම රස්නෙයි. අපේ ලිඳේ දැන් වතුරත් ගොඩක් අඩුවෙලා. තව සතියක් දෙකක් වහින්නේ නැතුව තිබ්බොත් එහෙම ඉවරයි තමා

poppy said...

හ්ම්..ලඟඳිම වහී.or I hope so.අද පන්ති ඉවර වෙලා එද්දි කර උනා.ඒ මදිවට කොටුවෙ,ජීවන්ගෙ ඡන්ද රැලියක්.traffic.හ්ම්..

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