It's raining.i love rain but this rain ruined our grain.we were drying our paddy out side while it started to rain.I didn't hear a sound.when mom said it's the time to put them again in bags I went out & discovered everything's soaked in rain.we're a lucky family,so tomorrow we must spread them to dry again.phew.i'm covered in hay & dust now.should take a bath.& btw talking about my interviewe,it was a nightmare!my interviewe board was the worst.boring.they all asked questions in sinhala,but that's not the problem,they talked with me in such a sleepy manner which made me really worried.I don't know whether i'm too excited or the panel is too bored after interviewing so many candidates.they told me thank you & gestured me the interviewe is over within two minutes:(yeah it's another miracle if I get selected.hehe.well...tataa

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