Wrapped in his arms
His body was warm
Her skin tingled at his touch
Her softness brushed against his roughness....
Their lips met.
For a second or,
it could've been hours
Lost in his eyes...
Small shiny eyes...
Ane she thought about the other
With big childish eyes
Cute sweet smile
A naughty boy with an unique style..
Energetic young
a successful man
Could make any women mad...
How will I feel in his arms?
She thought
Imagining herself laid on his lap
Kissing his dark neck...
Feeling the beat of his strong heart
Letting him handle her
Anyway he wants...
Will he love me the same way?
She thought.
Still kissing him.
Will he play with me wildly?
She thought.
Still stroking him...
Will he smile wickedly after a nasty trick?
Oh I love that smile..
She laughed suddenly.
Their lips broke apart.
Why sweety?what were you thinking about?
he asked.
Dragging her closer...
Looking at her eyes
Which gleamed with a secret shine
Nothing baby...
I just love the way you kiss me
The unfaithful girlfriend lied


dazzled said...

I love this one

poppy said...

me too...;)hehe

Didula said...

This one is awesome....! Probably the best among all your poems here.. Btw ive gotta tell you another thing, sorry but my dirty mind, there's one line that sounds a lil weird lol... I hope that's not what you meant :P hehe... Anyway great work my friend... Keep on writing... I even showed this poem and the shadow poem thingy to 'her' today and she loved it so much! Good stuff buddy... I would love to read more and more poems...

poppy said...

thank u maxd.... :D well what's that weird line?*thinking* btw say hello to her for me.& give a hug.hehe.

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