grand grandpapa!!

my grandpa's 96years old.& very very I went to visit him,with my mom.He's so skinny.looks like an aged lion.when he saw my mother,he started crying,& hugged her.then asked me,looking at me from his watered eyes,in what court now I work as a lawyer!!*faint* mother had foolishly told him(when I was preparing to sit the law entrance exam)I'm learning to be a lawyer!after that he's told everyone came to visit him,proudly,that his grand daughter is studying to be a lawyer!now it's he won't believe if we say I'm gonna be a management accountant,not a lawyer cos having a lawyer as a grandchild is one of his greatest I've no option but face the law entrance exam again next year!hehe.& about my granny.she's now nuts.calls me her'akka-elder sis'!when we told her we're going to grandpa's place,she also started crying.not remembering her hubby,but saying she's having symptoms of a heartattack & begging not to leave her.well.after about an hour we were able to calm her down,gave her medicine(just a paracitamol),said not only her,but her hubby likes to see his children.wonder what will happen to me when I became a granny.or will I ever be a granny?hmmm.dntknw.i've never imagined myself as a mother.though I want to be pregnant soon!I like pregnant bellies.but I don't like the 'process'of I want a cute,sweet baby...*blushing*gosh.I started from grandfather & now babies!must have a lil nap.c



වයසට ගියාම හැමෝම ඔහොම තමයි මන් හිතන්නේ

"I want to be pregnant soon!I like pregnant bellies.but I don't like the 'process'of it."

අපොයි ලංකාවෙ නම් ටිකක් අමාරුවෙයි. උදවු කරන්න අය නම් ඉඳී හැබැයි පස්සේ වග කියන්න නම් කවුරුත් නැතිවෙයි. හැබැයි ඉතින් ඔය බඩත් උස්සන් ඉන්න එක හිතන තරම් ලේසි පාසු වැඩක් කියල මන් නම් හිතන්නේ නැහැ

poppy said...

හීහී.ඔව්.කිසිම වගකීමක් ගන්නෙ නැතුව බබෙක් දෙන්න නම් ඕනෙතරම් volunteersලා ඒවි.හ්ම්...මොනව උනත් අම්ම කෙනෙක් වෙන එක ආවට ගියාට බැහැනෙ.atleast 28වෙද්දි තමා.ආර්ථිකව,මානසිකව සූදානම් වෙන්න ඕනෙ.ඊට වඩා අමාරු දේ අවංක,ආදරණීය තාත්තෙක්ව හොයාගන්න එක.

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