control your anger

several years ago when I was reading a magazine-now I don't remember the name- I came across an article which helped me through out my whole life was about controlling anger.well i'm a person who rarely get angry.but when it happens I can't control whole body starts to shake n I could hit somebody,or even if you are also a guy who gets in to heat all the time this tips will help you a bit.
1-quit from the scene that cause your anger.if it's a phone call turn off ur phone.if it's one of your parents leave them while they are shouting at you.if it's another person say ur not in a mood to discuss anything further n leave.
2-you can't blame anybody for your's your mind,your heart n your you have a angry or cool should think in a quite place.stop thinking about what caused ur anger.just focus on something else
3-take a towel.go to your bath room.take a refreshing bath or wash ur body using a fragranced soap,body wash.or just go to a wash room,refresh yourself.
4-go to your room,put a fresh comfortable dress.start cleaning the mess in your room.if you are in the office clean the table.or there's nothing to clean just grab ur diary,or it could be your Blog,write all your worries,insults,swear words,f words,anything that comes to your mind
5-have a cup of hot tea:) you should realise ur anger is almost over.those steps will calm you down.i've done this so many times n I know it works:)bless whoever wrote it.hehe.


dazzled said...

Easier said sweets.. But how on earth would u quit the scene when your angry parents are runnin after u like drunken mice and scoldin u?

poppy said...

ammo.does your mom run after you scolding like a drunken mice?well that's a problem then.mmmm just go to your room,& shut the door!be sure you left her outside

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